University College Cork: Study in an Incredible Castle

It is a prestigious institution designed with the medieval style characteristic of the Irish territory, in addition to teaching good command of English.

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  1. UC Cork Benefits
  2. Advantages of the English School at UCC in Ireland
  3. Services Offered by the University
  4. Offers and Catalog of English Programs at UCC
  5. Prices, Cheap How much does it cost to study at UCC?
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UC Cork Benefits

It was founded in 1845 and has been providing education for many years and has remained one of the outstanding English schools in the county.

It has an enrollment of more than 20 thousand students, including those of different nationalities, with quality programs and teachers.

To learn the Anglo-Saxon language, it has its own academy.

Advantages of the English School at UCC in Ireland

Its educational system has been recognized worldwide, demonstrating the quality and commitment that the university has to its students.

A survey has been carried out by UCC International Students where it was revealed that 20% of its students have different nationalities.

Offering a welcoming environment and high-quality teachers.

Services Offered by the University

Some other advantages that guarantee a pleasant experience for its students within this great university.

  • Internet: For students, the fact that the university has completely free Wi-Fi is a good point in their favor.
  • Rooms: Among its facilities it has areas for student rest as well as a computer laboratory.
  • Facilities: The university's castle-style structure attracts attention, it is modern with large classrooms, and it has good resources.
  • Free Consultations: Teachers must be highly qualified for teaching, who must clarify any doubts you present.
  • Cafeteria: It has an area intended for eating snacks until lunch for all its staff and students.
  • Library: It is large in size, it has several reports, books and resources that improve learning.
  • Health: They have medical services available for their students, with professional doctors from psychiatrists to physiotherapists.
  • Recreational Activities: The institution is surrounded by shopping centers, parks, museums, theaters that you can visit on excursions.

Offers and Catalog of English Programs at UCC

They have limited courses that have increased the level of the English language in their students, demonstrating their excellent quality.

General English: Management of Linguistics.
It seeks to improve its students' precision and fluency in skills such as writing, reading, pronunciation and listening.

The university offers you all the necessary resources to improve your mastery, with it you also prepare for the Cambridge and IELTS exams.

  • Structures of English.
  • Formative evaluation method.
  • Community, cultural and university sessions.
  • Advice for the student visa so you can work while you study.

Academic English: For IELTS Assessment.

It is designed to prepare those students who are going to attend university, it will teach you the development of the Anglo-Saxon language.

Very similar to the general one, as it will show you how you should make reports, work, expand your vocabulary and your pronunciation.

  • It also works to prepare for the IELTS exam.
  • High-end education.
  • Challenges and practices at the university higher education level.
  • Promotes the use of English in different areas and contexts.

Prices, Cheap How much does it cost to study at UCC?

At UCC the cost of the programs will depend on the number of lessons and weeks you require in the course.

You should know that the university has advice to see which prices adapt to your budget and are economical.

  • It can be from €250 to €350 per week of study, this is what would be an approximate for the general course.
  • While you have the option to choose 25 weeks of lessons in one of the courses for an estimated €5,100 up to €6,000.


Being a quality university, it offers you housing advice that makes your study plan more comfortable to live in.

Among these options, it presents you with a student residence that works for coexistence with your other classmates.

You also have the option of practicing your English living with a host family.

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