President Scholarships for Leaders, Canada

The University of Winnipeg, in Canada, makes its President scholarships available to international students. They will be awarded to international students who are in any area of the university.

They can be: graduates, collegiate, professionals or people in continuing education. Also includes the English language program.

The selection criterion will be the leadership that the candidate can demonstrate.

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Eligibility Criteria, President Scholarships

These are the conditions that those interested in the scholarships from the University of Winnipeg in Canada must have:

  • A minimum average of 80% in admission or equivalent.
  • Be an international student.
  • That is starting in the first year of any program.
  • Additionally, you can demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities through participation in some meaningful activity.

Scholarships available

There are two (2) types of aid available in these scholarships. They are:

  • English language program: in this case there are three (3) scholarships available. Starts in spring/summer 2024.
  • Also, in the professional division, continuing education: three (3) grants will be provided to outstanding international students.

How to apply for the President Scholarships?

To proceed with registering for a scholarship application at the University of Winnipeg, it is necessary to complete this document.

You will also need to begin an admission process.

Additionally, you must attach these documents:

  • Personal statement, where you develop the leadership qualities you possess, your participation in extracurricular activities and volunteering. As well as their academic objectives. This document must be between 250 and 500 words.
  • Curriculum vitae: list extra curricular activities here in chronological order and work experience. Likewise, include prizes, if you made a publication, among others.
  • Two (2) letters of reference.

Important: Those interested must also send a request for admission to the university, according to established dates.


Note that:

  • Only applications received within the established time will be considered.
  • Scanned documents are recommended to be obtained through a scanner application.

What are the benefits of scholarships for Canada?

The selected scholarship recipients will access aid for the following amounts:

For the English Language Program and Professional Division, Continuing Education, scholarships in the value of CAD $3,500 will be awarded.

Application Deadline

Applications to the University of Winnipeg, Canada for English studies will be considered until November 1, 2023. Studies will begin in Spring/Summer 2024.

For more information, consult the call.

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